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Company Profile

Seng Hoe Hardware & Engineering Pte Ltd

Was started in Singapore in 1981, importing, exporting, stocking and supplying a wide range of marine industrial, engineering and hardware products. Throughout the years, we have accumulated a wealth of experience and have become a well established and trusted company with business relations throughout Southeast Asia, Middle East and Asia. Even now, we continue to improve and upgrade ourselves constantly, and we strife to bring you the best products and services we can.

We stock top quality products from reliable brands, specializing in valves and marine industrial products made of iron, ductile/malleable iron, cast steel, forged steel, stainless steel, brass bronze alloy and aluminum. For more information on our products or advice on your hardware needs please contact us using the contact information given below. We will be please to answer any enquiries you have.
Top Products and Services

Top Products and Services

• Air Vent Head
• Ball Valves
• Bronze Valves, Screwed Ends
• Butterfly Valves
• Check Valves
• Diaphragm Valves
• Drain and Pressure Gauge Cock
• Emergency Shut Off / Self Closing Drain Valve
• Gate Valves
• Globe Valves
• High Pressure Steam Valves
• Hose Valves
• Lever Gauge Cock
• Lubricating Equipment
• Needle Valves
• Plug Valves
• Pressure Reducing and safely Relief Valves
• Sight Glass Double Window with Flapper
• Slide Type Expansion Joint
• Sounding Valves
• Steam Traps
• Storm Valves
• Stainers